Friday, February 17, 2017


Some of you may remember that I ran a "label" as a 16 year old kid. It was initially just helping a lot of my friends' (and some people I didn't even know at the time) bands put their demos, and sometimes albums, out.

It was 2001, streaming music barely existed and almost no one had a CD burner ... so there I was to save the day. I remember going to used CD stores and buying up all of their CD singles at 20 for $1 to throw away all of the pop trash inside of them so that I could use the cases for my releases. I definitely printed several thousand copies of various release layouts on my school computers when the teacher wasn't looking. Some spindles of CD-Rs were 100% stolen from various Wal Marts. It progressed over the next few years to where I was actually pressing discs until I ran into one unfortunate release (PSR014!)that put my teenage ass in the poor house and I decided to stop.

Well, I'm an adult now and have more than $500 to my name so I decided to revamp the label. I plan on releasing everything from short-run physical copies of some younger bands who don't understand the value of an actual demo to some deluxe vinyl re-releases of some Pittsburgh Hardcore classics.

To get this thing off the ground and running I spent the literal entire last week gathering up the remnants of my distro all into one spot and built a webstore. I also threw in quite a few pieces of history from my personal collection to spice the store up a bit and clear out some space for the literal hundreds of CDs and records I bought from Japan. You're going to find everything on the webstore from your last chance to grab my cheap-o "$5 Or Less" distro CDs I've been carrying around for years to some shirts and records I'm not letting out of my hands for less than $100.

All the proceeds are going to dust off the gears to get this label up and running again. I have cool ideas and plans to do some actually desirable physical releases. Maybe I just want to prove to myself that some people out there still care enough to drop some money on albums and bands they love. Maybe I'll put myself in the actual adult broke house for failing to accept that everyone just streams everything via Spotify and YouTube. Either way, I'm doing it.

Thanks. I'm looking forward to this.

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