Wednesday, February 15, 2017

COMIN' CORRECT - Discography

So after not really doing any uploads for two years I decided to come back strong right out the gates. I've always somewhat jokingly hypothesized about the immeasurable kind of task this would be and now seemed like the perfect time to finally undertake this monstrosity of an effort.

For those of you who don't know, Comin' Correct was initially started by Rick Ta Life as a 25 Ta Life side project. The original line-up essentially consisted of the entire backing band for Krutch amongst random other members from Feeble, Dirtnap, Fat Nuts and the likes. What initially started as a demo and a few split 7"s eventually turned into a full time project with various line-ups whenever 25 Ta Life went into a mild hiatus in the late 90s.

The beauty of Comin' Correct was the insurmountable number of releases that were rapidly being released on Rick's label, Back Ta Basics. Multiple demo tapes would have the same tracks as multiple split 7"s. Some "full lengths" would have 4 studio tracks and 18 barely audible live tracks. It was truly a clusterfuck trying to keep track of which songs you needed to know in order to hit the pit.

There were low points and high points for the band. While there were some sets that consisted of more covers than originals, there were also times when the band was playing out in support of the In Memory Of... album which were actually some of my favorite shows of all time.

Overall you can say what you will about Rick or his bands or his label and business practices but as a wise/insane man once said to me, "I should've known hardcore was no longer for me whenever Rick Ta Life fell out of power".

While I wasn't able to piece together a list of actual studio sessions (the way I typically like to space out my discography compilations) I DID manage to get this in somewhat of a chronological order. I included two separate live sets that were included on the "full length" CDs in separate folders. I also made a point to only included one unique version of each track as they seemingly all have appeared on multiple releases at multiple times.

Some of these are cassette, vinyl or CD rips so apologies for the varying qualities but that's what I was dealing with here. I personally have a theory that the only reason a Comin' Correct song was NOT re-released on various formats and albums is that Rick would occasionally lose master copies which would essentially force them to be retired.

I'm thinking one of my next projects will be a similar upload for 25 Ta Life and MAYBE even a pictorial history of Back Ta Basics Records and all of it's "limited covers" and otherwise undocumented releases.

Speaking of which, you can actually order the "new" album Drugs Destroy Dreams on either CD or LP at the official Comin Correct BandCamp page.




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