Saturday, February 11, 2017


I just got back from Japan for the second time and I'm just as amped on hardcore as I was the first time I visited.

Once again, not only are ALL of the bands from Japan sick but the vibe at the show and record stores and when hanging out and talking about hardcore hasn't been easily replicated anywhere in the US for at least the past decade for me.

I unfortunately only got to attend one show this time around (flyer above) but I got to spend much more time with some of the friends I made last time I was there on tour with First Blood. So many cool things that happened during my short 10-day trip that just doesn't happen here any more. Getting to hang out at entire record stores that specialize in hardcore and metal and punk led to me having a random 20-something year old xVx kid from Australia approach me at the show just to say what's up. I also officially met, by complete coincidence, a guy from France who I've technically been in the same room as at least 20 times over the past decade. Even something as simple as getting together with a big group of people (that I only knew half of) to go eat shitty food late at night to just hangout and talk hardcore.

Everything rules and I'm amped on hardcore. I'm obviously posting some new shit here, I'm re-opening my online distro store and I just might dust off the old Preserving Silence label and release some physical media that no one wants!

Stay tuned!

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vadermask mass//retaliation said...

How in the hell did you get a John McKaig style flyer in Japan?!? He used to make all the flyers for Syracuse, NY hardcore shows.