Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So it's 2016 and Path To Misery has now been a band for ten years. It's very strange to think back on the musical landscape back in 2006 when we started the band. Metalcore was becoming a very dirty word and for the first time since it's inception the bands were emulating instead of innovating. Trustkill and Ferret were getting bought out by major labels and their entire rosters were comprising all of the second stages of every major touring summer fest. The last of the innovators of metalcore were all starting bands in different genres. Locally the last of the diehards were all disbanding while my circle of friends' teenage year bands were all calling it a day and moving onto different areas of life. What better time to start a "political mosh metalcore" band, right?

In this past decade I've seen hardcore completely recycle itself starting at youth crew, running through a quick 90s revival and now finally arriving back at a stage where metalcore is acceptable again. Obviously there will always be trend-riders who are constantly breaking up their failed endeavors and starting new projects to keep up with popular sound of the time. You're also going to see a lot of people who actively went out of their way to fuck over metalcore bands back in the day for not being REAL HARDCORE cashing in on the current trend. At the same time, however, there is an entire new generation of kids who have apparently grown tired of being fed re-hashed Trapped Under Ice gimmicks and are writing some seriously innovative and heavy music in 2016. It's fun to see bands being heavy again and I'm glad I can go to a show and probably catch at least one band I like again. I'm more excited about the new bands in 2016 than I have been probably since we started this band.

I plan on doing an entire post dedicated to this new wave of heavy metalcore in the next few days, but for the time being I just wanted to share this video I put together that summarizes the past decade in which we've been holding shit down.

Sincerity Fest X is also coming up in 2016. News on that soon.