Wednesday, October 7, 2015

BURIAL GROUND: Discography

So I am far from an expert on this band but this is something I've been trying to track down for years now on my own. I'm excited enough to finally put this together for myself that I decided to share with all of you.

Burial Ground was a heavy hardcore band from Central PA that was around in the mid to late 90s from what I can put together. Besides having one of the sickest band names, they were also responsible for writing some serious prototypes of what would become the norm for heavy hardcore in the decade after their demise.

While I typically consider myself an expert on most things PAHC releated, I actually never caught wind of this band until I got my hands on the One Hell Of A Compilation by Blasphemour Records roughly 10 years ago. Side note: check out this comp if you can.

Their song, Rebirth, struck me amongst all of the other awesome bands on the comp (Abnegation, Goatwhore, Skinless, Milhouse, Psywarfare, Deadeyesynder, Deformity, etc) because it somehow managed to walk that fine line between the darkness found within metal yet the energy and personality of hardcore. This is finely exampled at 4:54 of the following video.

While I managed to track down Mp3s of the unreleased EP that was never released due to their vocalist's untimely passing on a message board post from the guy who ran Blasphemour Records ... I could never get my hands on the Let Us Pray full length despite being promised at least 5 times from 5 different people that they would get it to me.

It wasn't until this year's This Is Hardcore Fest when I was running my distro and having my usual old guy conversations with the other 20 people in the world who still are interested in obsure hardcore CDs from the past few decades that I FINALLY got my hands on said disc.

I was chatting with a random guy from Buffalo, NY that I somehow have yet to meet and we somehow got on the conversation of the few discs we had both been looking for. I think he pulled out a Dragbody CD and was stoked on it ... which brought us onto Burial Ground conversation (who Dragbody did a split 7" with). As nonchaltantly as anyone has ever said anything to me, the guy says "yeah man, I have like three copies of that ... I'll make sure to get you one."

Like I said earlier, promises of having this album being given to me had been made before so I didn't allow myself to get my hopes up. 15 minutes this awesome, awesome guy comes back with a physical copy in his hands and says "I actually had a copy in my car so you can just have it".

What!?! How is someone that cool?!?

I suppose this has nothing to do with Burial Ground but it's such a cool story and representative of that era of hardcore and the mindset behind it that I had to share.

So here it is ... some of the sickest hardcore/metalcore from PA ... and possibly of all time.

DOWNLOAD: Burial Ground Discography (missing the songs from the Dragbody split if anyone has the Mp3 ... feel free to share).


Ryan Blasphemour said...

This is Ryan from Blasphemour Records. The BG track on the Dragbody split is a different version of Tales of a Soul Gone Mad. If you find me on Facebook, ill get you the MP3 of it.

xBDBx said...

Is there ANY chance at all AJ that you could help me secure a physical copy of the album as well please??? Would be very grateful, my email is

xBDBx said...

Let me know if there's anything you're looking for AJ as well, might be able to help.

I'd also be willing to pay good money for both CDs.

AJ said...

Hey man ... I'd love to help but it tooks me ten years myself to find one ha!

xBDBx said...

Oh well, MP3s will have to do :P