Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blog Update

As usual ... I haven't posted in a while. Sorry for the delay.

So I set up my distro table at This Is Hardcore Fest again this past year. It's become the only time I really bother dusting off the old CDs and hauling them out for other old heads to converse about. It's to the point now where I haven't really put anything new in quite some time and the boxes of CDs serves moreso as a time capsule than a distro, per se ... but I really enjoy setting up annually and ending up in great conversations with both old friends and new.

Every year, without fail, I see the same old faces yet also manage to meet some new ones that I've somehow yet to cross paths with over the past 15 years. It's cool.

This year more than ever I had people asking what was up with the blog. It could be due to the fact that I had yet to make an entry in 2015. Could also be attributed to "early 2000s metalcore" finally coming up in the trend cycle within hardcore. Maybe it's just because people actually enjoy reading this for whatever reason.

Whatever it may be ... I'm going to try to spend some more time on it again. It sometimes gets frustrating whenever you are essentially the only blog of its kind left ... or when you spend probably close to 100 hours on a post and it only gets a few hundred downloads. Either way ... keep calling me out for being lazy and I'll keep this thing alive.

Something I spent a lot of time on this year while the blog wasn't getting updated was my YouTube channel. You can check it out HERE. I have over 1000 full sets, close to a half million views and 1000 subscribers ... and best of all: no fucking commercials!

I'm currently working on going through and making a Hall Of Fame series/playlist that has some of the wildest shit caught on film over the years.

For now though I'm going to upload the Die My Will lyrics sheet that I apparently promised you all close to 5 years ago and was reminded/requested by a kid at TIHC.

Enjoy/Talk Soon.