Wednesday, January 8, 2014

STIGMATA: Home Video

In the summer of 2003 when my band at the time (Drain This Blood) was touring ... Scotty J from Tripface, Lariat, Burning Bridges and being awesome in general put us up with not only a show but a place to stay. We stayed up most of the night torturing our bassist but when it finally time to go to sleep, we put on the Stigmata Home Video VHS. I was so delusional and tired by this point that I only really remember an opening montage with a lot of tits that looked good at the time and the video for Burning Human which featured both Harley Flannagan and a lot of insane police brutality and people dying footage.

Ten years later and I've yet to find a copy for myself. You know what that means? It's fucking rare. I only recently stumbled upon a YouTube upload of it while searching for footage of Embodyment playing their death metal material. Funny how the world works sometimes. Anyhow, I strongly suggest watching this if you're looking for the hardcore version of the Pantera Home Video.

Unfortunately it starts skipping around a bit during Part 2 (the good part!!!) but this is far from a complaint as I empathize with any and all YouTube uploaders as I'm currently putting my entire collection up for viewing as well. Shout out to user Chuck AD ... I suggest checking out his other videos if you're interested in seeing some wild Zao, Santa Sangre, Godbelow, A Death For Every Sin or A Perfect Murder footage.

Thanks for giving me access to viewing something I've been searching out for over 10 years!

PS - I'm still looking for a hard copy of this ... hit me up if you're looking to sell!

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