Sunday, January 5, 2014

CRAIG: Discography

I believe it was Thrash Bash 2000 in Erie, PA when I first saw/heard of these guys. If I am somehow mistaken, then it was Hell Fest 2001 but I'm doubting that. I honestly don't have much info on this band. They were from Long Island, NY with a sound somewhere between From Autumn To Ashes and Poison The Well's at the time. At times there are even nods to a simplified Candiria sound. To be blunt, however, there's nothing extremely original happening here and the recording is considerably mediocre even for its time.

The moral of the story: it's still better than most "metalcore" coming out today. If nothing else, the songs have the slightest hint of emotion and creativity in them. More than I can say for anything in this realm that's come out in the past 5-8 years. All it would take is for someone to grab these songs, clean them up, produce them a little and sell them to some boys with cute hair and kids would think it was somehow revolutionizing music. 

The only releases from this band I am aware of is a 5 song demo which I picked up when I first saw them in 2000/2001 and a following split with the band In Pieces which featured 4 new songs along with 1 re-recorded (and improved) track from the demo. While I am personally partial to the debut demo, the split is decent in its own right. It was released on Purity Records which mostly released melodic/experimental metalcore from the northeast area. Nothing much came of the releases and I believe the "biggest" thing the band may be known for was taking Between The Buried And Me on their first tour. In fact, they tried to smuggle BTBAM onto Hell Fest 2001 via a split set (there's something you just don't see any longer). They got into some serious heat with KEITH IN HELL over that power move. A true sign of metalcore brotherhood ha!

I'd be curious to hear what preceded this band or what the members went onto after.

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