Tuesday, December 3, 2013

YouTube Takeover

In case you've been wondering why the blog has been slow again lately ... it was a combination of work, getting our album and merch ready for our release show and, most importantly, because I've been uploading my entire show video collection (along with some great contributions from Adam Royon, Kent Sinkler and Scott Raphael) to YouTube. I'm currently at 350 videos and am only about 1/3 of the way through. I have the next week off of work and I'm hoping to get that number up even further.

If you have show videos you'd like to have transferred to DVD and subsequently uploaded to YouTube ... get in touch as I've already borrowed three peoples' collections and returned their original tapes. I can also mail back DVDs as well. My only request is that the videos can't TOTALLY suck ... I have enough bad videos in my own collection.

Check the channel and Subscribe if you want to keep posted on the daily uploads I've been adding.

Here is a link to the Video page of my account and below it is one of my favorite videos.


ImpendingDoomTheory said...

aj, pure gold! thanks for making these videos available to us!!

Dan said...

Thanks a lot, AJ. This is excellent. Just out of curiosity- have you ever seen tape of Ascension's last show from like '01? I saw that you had Skarhead from the same show and was curious.

AJ said...

I got the Skarhead set from a reformed wigger friend of mine ... unfortunately there was no Ascension on the tape.