Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I know these demos have made their rounds on the blog scene for the past few years, but they're so god damn good that I had to post them myself. I'm not typically one to say "the demos are better" ... and I'm not even sure if I feel that way in this case ... but at the very least, these are DRASTICALLY different takes on some classic tracks.

Sometimes, I think, I just listen to a certain recording so many times that hearing even the slightest difference (like a remastering job) breathes new life into it for me. In the case of these demo sessions, however, it's a bit more enticing than your average remastering process.

The first demo was laid down in 1993 with their original vocalist, Minus, who had a slightly more relaxed style of aggressive vocalizing. Merauder has always been known for it's groove and these vocals compliment that aspect quite nicely. Most of these tracks would be re-recorded with Jorge Rosado on vocals for the legendary Master Killer album.

The second demo included in this package features the vocal stylings of Eddie Sutton from Leeway fame. Coming into the fold while Jorge was doing vocals for El Nino (who would later become Ill Nino and who I made a post on HERE), Eddie put yet another very unique spin onto these tracks which would later be re-recorded once again with Jorge Rosado as he would re-join the band shortly before the recording of the Five Deadly Venoms album. I'm not quite sure that I can summarize Eddie's style on these tracks ... so I'll simply let them speak for themselves.

To my knowledge, the band never performed live with Eddie on vocals ... but here is a considerably awesome live show from 93 with Minus performing live.

DOWNLOAD: The Unreleased Merauder Demos


John Cannon said...

FYI Merauder did play with Eddie I was there at the bank in NYC with El Nino with Jorge on vocals and Mindset which would later be sworn enemy. Heres the full el nino demo with jorge.

John Cannon said...

I just read your Ill Nino post. Just so you know the demo I posted is the full length 10 track demo from 1998, all songs with Jorge singing. 2 songs showed up later like warrior soul was on the Rag Men record and God is I was on the last Merauder record. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for all the great posts.

xAJx said...

Very cool man ... thanks for the info and the files. I'm going to include this in my El Nino post and give you credit if you don't mind.