Friday, August 30, 2013


I have been promising someone on a message board recently that I would post up the Through The Shadows demo that I own. He was under the impression that members of this band went on to form Kamikabe, which is definitely not the case. Through The Shadows was from Greensburg, PA and played out live from roughly 1999 until 2002 probably. They released a 4 song demo in 2000 and did not record again until the band was nearly broken up in 2002. There have been multiple different reports as to how many songs were recorded during this final session. Varying people in varying degrees of sobriety have sworn to anywhere from one to five songs being recorded in this final session. I've been constantly pestering for the past few years in hopes of acquiring more than one of these final recording session tracks if they actually existed.

I've come to the conclusion that they really only recorded one track, I Once Possessed, which IS included in this download. If the band truly only ever recorded one more track after their initial demo, it would be a true shame as the band genuinely started coming into their own towards the end of their existence. Reaching the point of having three guitarists and two vocalists, the live set from Through The Shadows in 2001 and 2002 was top notch. Essentially playing nothing from their initial 2000 Demo, the band has created an entire new set of songs which I have on multiple live show videos. I am going to work on uploading these within the next week or two.

Working in reverse, I'll now mention the band's style and debut release. Taking notes from local hometown heroes in Zao, the band crafted their own style through adding more standard hardcore influences than their Westmoreland County peers. A very dark sound was captured on this initial recording that is not often imitated in recent memory with most demos being recorded through computer programs and electronic drum sets. Also captured on this recording is a pretty accurate glimpse at what the band's live show was like. Rarely caught on tape in the world of hardcore, the intensity heard on the demo is respectably close what was experienced in a live setting.

I can't exactly put the words into place to properly describe this band, which is always a good thing and, in fact, will probably be quite common amongst my posts featuring bands from this area. I will do my best to post up accompanying video for as many posts as I can so that people outside of the area can maybe form some sort of understanding as to what bands from this area were going for.


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ImpendingDoomTheory said...

HA it was me!! man.. i first heard the song they posted on way back when it was an awesome site to discover bands!! i actually i still have and listen to it to this day! now having the demo in sweet quality i can't thank you enough and honestly i can't remember how i ever came to the conclusion that that members went on to join Kamikabe unless members of the band At War With Shadows did? because for some reason i would always mix up the two bands for some reason.

anyway.. Thanks again and Thanks for all the informative posts as always..

take care aj and can't wait for the new EP!!