Friday, August 30, 2013


The Zimmermann Note started off in 2005 as a project between ex-members of Broken Free, Better Off Dead and Commit Suicide. Their take on the Swedish-inspired metalcore was lightyears beyond most of what was going on at the time. Despite being signed to Inner Strength Records (a Century Media subsidiary) for their debut EP, the band was highly underrated and probably were never too well known outside of Pittsburgh.

A 3 song demo was cut in 2005 and was quickly followed up by the 5 track EP offering, The New Deception, which was released on the Century Media subsidiary label. Two of the three initial tracks were re-recorded for the EP which was tracked by Eric Klinger of The Spudmonsters, Pro-Pain, and Built Upon Frustration who was recording most of the decent sounding metal albums coming out of Pittsburgh at the time. Facilitating not only perfectly structured melodic metalcore songs, the album also features great production and possibly an even-better bass tone. The technicality showcased on this EP was unparalleled by most of their contemporaries as members were coming from a tech-grind band amongst other projects.

Not long after the release of EP, the band saw the departure of both bassist Carey Davenport and vocalist Travis French ... both from the Broken Free aspect of the band. They were replaced in time for the band to record another three-song demo which was once again recorded by Eric Klinger in 2006. Despite similar bass playing, vocal stylings and recording environment, the effort was not as note worthy as the preceding EP. Don't get me wrong ... it still ran circles around most other metalcore floating around at the time, it was just not as appealing to me as whatever magic was contained on the New Deception EP.

The project disbanded not long after the recording of the 2006 demo. The dissolution of the band saw guitarist Damian returning to Gutrench, his long-standing hardcore project from the late-90s (which preceded Commit Suicide). Drummer Jordan Vilella would go on to join various other metal bands from around the city including Wrathcobra, Mammoth Bath, and most recently, Peregrine.


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Could you re-up this, please? Would like to check these guys out since I still love all of their former bands.