Friday, August 30, 2013


Considerably underrated mosh album. Ripped off Throwdown rather thoroughly. Definitely rocked camo guitar cabs. Their set at Hell Fest 2001 (with original vocalist Chris Alsip who later went on to join Suffocate Faster) was perhaps my first experience with the extreme mosh that is now commonplace at mosh gigs. Courage Crew was ahead of the curve on the mosh spectrum, that's for sure.

I also included their 3 song demo from 2001 which featured Alsip on vocals. Probably their best songs. They all got re-recorded for the full length ... one of the songs is a hidden track, however. There were also two songs that the band recorded previous to breaking up. One of them showed up online for a bit. I remember it being both awkward and awesome. They were recorded for a split that never happened with Suffocate Faster. Someone should send those to me.

I ran into their drummer at one of his new punk band's shows and brought up how hard One Nation Under brought the mosh back in the day. He was both down AND informed me that not only were there TWO unreleased tracks ... but there were THREE! He also said he doesn't even have copies, but would love to hear them. Rich Thurston, I'm calling you out ... send me these songs.


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