Friday, August 30, 2013

DESTINY: Diving Into Eternity

Every now and again I start to feel like I've heard EVERY metalcore band that's ever existed. I love being proven wrong when I find an obscure gem like this. This album serves as a great reminder of how much enjoyment I can sometimes get from browsing the dollar bin at the local record store.

I'm honestly totally unfamiliar with this band ... but I'm not really too sure how I am considering they seemingly came up in the same area and era as Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon and the likes of the German metalcore scene from 2000-2005. A bit of online researching unearthed this information on this act with an annoyingly generic name (hard to search!)

"Formerly known as just DESTINY, THE DESTINY PROGRAM released two records under their former name, The Tracy Chapter (2004) and Diving Into Eternity (2001). The band embarked on some pretty extensive touring for those releases which included Europe, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, the With Full Force Festival in Germany, and the Spirit X-Mass Tour together with Caliban, Fear My Thoughts, Neaera and others. It was more than the band ever expected but 2006 proved to be a difficult year for the band. Lineup troubles were followed by problems with copyrights and ultimately the band had to change its name to THE DESTINY PROGRAM."

Apparently the band would later morph into a more typical "metal" band along with the name change and signing to Nuclear Blast Records ... but this album serves as a pinnacle example of metalcore from the era. Chaotic riffing, instrumental tracks, emotional lyrics and an obvious desire to tread new water in the then-burgeoning metalcore scene. The few tracks I am hearing from their follow-up album The Tracy Chapter are sounding very quintessential themselves.

Anyone with any extra info ... feel free to post in the comments section.


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David said...

No extra information unfortunately, but I saw these guys live in Belgium at Skycamefalling's final European show, and they were fucking great.

I'm not so keen on them since their name change but this album is awesome.