Friday, August 30, 2013

BLACK MY HEART: The Fuck Hearts EP

I never really fully understood the timeline of this band. I know that I saw them for the first time on the Eulogy Mosh tour in 2004 along with Bury Your Dead, On Broken Wings and The Judas Cradle if memory serves me correctly. They played this EP in full and fucking brought it. They stayed at my house that night and had a line-up comprised of some pretty cool guys. We watched Boston Beatdown II because it had just came out. They gave me the low down on what all the footage was because they were from Boston. Funny.

They also stole one of my senior pictures and put it on a donation jug at their show the next night saying I had leukemia and needed donations. The show was in Erie and everyone knew me and genuinely thought I had came down with the disease. Kinda funny.

Not long after this show, the entire line-up quit except for one of the guys (can't remember who). They came back through and just didn't bring it like the old line-up did. My main piece of supporting evidence is the re-recorded version of Thick As Blood. It can not compare. The follow-up full length on Eulogy had its moments overall but didn't have any parts worth knocking off like this EP did.


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