Friday, August 30, 2013

TOO PURE TO DIE: We Are A Weapon

So here's the debut post from the MoshSpot blog on a pinnacle MOSH album I was fortunate enough to tour in support of for a few years.

In my eyes, a true mosh cornerstone. Touring around the country while out-moshing every city we played in ... shitting on bums ... beating psychotic girls with pillows ... using Jesus tattoos to allow us to perform at bogus christian venues ... throwing up & shitting out of moving van windows ... this is what mosh legends are made of.

Mosh call outs recorded on the original demo ... mosh call outs used as metronomes for live shows ... mosh call outs used as lyrics ... you name it. Our Struggle covers the entire mosh spectrum throughout its song structure. When learning the song, I remember writing down the structure as ... "get low/hyper active spinkick/breakdown/circle pit/jog-in-place/two-step/bounce mosh/two-step/circle pit/jog-in-place/breakdown/ultimate breakdown".

Speaking of jogging in place ... Too Pure To Die created it. I dare anyone to say otherwise.

I now present you with the best mosh album of all time ...

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