Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A bit off my chest...

Path To Misery has only ever fully stood against one thing: repression. Granted our lyrical stances have encompassed said repression in many of its varied forms, the underlying sense of rage has always been mutually rooted.

The very first set of lyrics written, Cheating Life, dealt with the repression of the earth. As potentially uneducated as it may be, Third World War was very critical of the repression of the people in the middle east. For The Innocent has served as a rallying anthem against the repression of animals. The very last song written for our previous full length, Inherent Incapability, even went as far to decry the personal repression of men and "womyn" alike.

While these subjects typically sat well with our unfortunately left-leaning fanbase at the time, apparently some of our newer lyrics from the upcoming EP fail to appease said in-crowd. Apparently repression is reprehensible when applied to previously-mentioned agendas yet both permissible and actually encouraged when applied to issues that, at least in their minds, apply to typically white, christian, conservative, American males.

Path To Misery always has and always will be a band that stands opposed to repression in ALL of its forms. On this upcoming EP we will extend this opposition on all fronts to include issues ranging from personal issues such as domestic abuse to worldwide issues such as the Disarmament of the peoples of the world ... and yes, that includes the repressed minorities and insurgents right alongside the "typically white, christian, conservative, American males".

As stated from day one, Path To Misery will never subscribe to any set of ideals or prescription of conformity. Identifying yourself as a liberal is every bit as idiotic and childish as the conservatism in which this "scene" so vehemently fights against despite its own obvious alienation and indoctrination which it both allows and nurtures in itself.

End rant. Continue being heavy.


Dblecheezburger said...

I'm going to butcher a quote from my favorite dude on youtube: "I am a feminine male, I am an atheist who believes in God, I am a scientist and a poet, I am a hypocrite with convictions; you cannot put me into your box..." -Elliot hulse

KimmoPT said...

I like your train of thought here. We should be compassionate and understanding towards the so-called "everyman" as well. I myself see myself as a pretty regular guy. Still, its funny how I do not fit the mold: Christian, vegan, "liberal" in some issues and conservative on others (and whitch label to put on me of these two varies from the people who would possibly categorize me, I guess).

Lately I have seen some problems with the leftist/"liberal" rhetoric here in Finland concerning attitudes towards immigration. To put simply, some leftist groups like Antifa and people who support them tend to label everyone who is patriotic or critical towards immigration as a racist and even a nazi.

I identify more to the left politically especially when it comes to monetary policies, but this kind of "black and white" attitude towards the issue of immigration and possible problems of it is not helping anyone. We must be very careful on how we label people. That is if we should do that at all. Calling people nazi surely doesn't bring reconsiliation. I do not know if some people even want that, with slogans like "Only good fascist is a dead one". I understand the violent rhetoric if you are not completely pacifist and I can totally understand if you are not. But even with the case of clear fascist people and movements, the people in them are just like you and me; HUMANS. Nothing more, nothing less. And people CAN change. For some its harder than others, but for example the vocalist for the christian hardcore band Born Blind used to be a racist but his views changed. Here is an inverview I did with him years ago:

This world is a dark place but people like MLK, Archbishop Oscar Romero, the guys that inspired the movie "To end all wars" or in the more recent years pakistani politician Shabazz Bhatti ( make me more and more convinced that I need to love my neighbor as myself and stand strong in the peaceful path as long as I can.

So here I go again, with my high ideals :)

Dan said...

Well said.