Monday, April 1, 2013


Thanks to posting my distro list online I came into contact with a lot of awesome people. One of those people is Henri from Finland. Any time I meet a hardcore kid from Finland I always ask for information about a band called Past Glories. Back in the Napster days, I randomly downloaded a 10 song recording from this band and instantly fell in love. Ranging somewhere between the Scandinavian stylings of Disfear and the NYHC sensibilities of Sick Of It All at their peak, this is an extremely unique release ... especially considering I just now found out it was technically released as a demo!

I've never been able to find any information on the band other than the fact that they were from Finland. Thanks to the knowledge and efforts of Henri, however, I finally got linked to not only a track listing of the album (which I also didn't even have for these 10 songs) but also a short review from the Unity HxC online webzine from over ten years ago. Here is that "review" in all of its broken-English-glory.

"With member of Down My Throat, Helsinki hardcore is very well known today all over the globe by quality bands like Bolt, Down My Throat and Cutdown. Among those more known bands there's of course also a whole bunch of smaller bands who aren't that well known, to add, even in our country. One of those bands who never did much more than few recordings and played some shows was Past Glories. This band featured Down My Throat's guitarist Antti, who is known as a quite genius when it comes writing songs and a from vocalist from another not so known band, now defunct, The Unloved. By the way Unloved had three vocalists, but in Past Glories vocals are done by one of those three, specificly a man known as Kalle BTBC. Drums were played by Lauri from Bolt and bass dutied were handled by Jukka, who at that time also played in Down My Throat. I just have to stop and wonder how one man can write so many darn good riffs, cause Past Glories does not fall behind even if compared to Down My Throat. Past Glories only did one demo and was featured with fellow Helsinki band, Cutdown and on a 4-way split cd titled Fuck The World (Superhero Records).

I actually managed to track down a physical copy of the 4-way split but it features the same recordings as this session here.