Saturday, March 16, 2013


After completing my most recent post on Coalesce, it made me remember a band from Arkansas who went by The Handshake Murders. I first crossed paths with them in a firehall in Johnstown, PA in 2006 ... but not long after they came back through with a new album in a direct support slot for Emmure in 2007. While The Handshake Murders drew some obvious inspiration from Coalesce, they took a more simplified, accessible take on the style; not far off from the idea that A Life Once Lost had when they decided to simplify, to an extent, Meshuggah for hardcore kids with their A Great Artist album.

While I have their second EP and their final full length (Usurper), I am missing their debut EP and any demos they may have. Any help piecing this together would be much appreciated.


The guitarist who played in the final incarnation of the band apparently started up a band right where The Handshake Murders left off called Bloodworm. You can check out their BandCamp if The Handshake Murders does it for you.


ChAoS and PAIN said...

I've had "Bloodline" on my workout mp3 player for the last couple of years- that shit is too awesome. Good looking out on liking the new band's bandcamp. Mediafire blocked the EP downloads, as a head's up.

chillface said...

i saw these guys in 2006 in tulsa at promcore with 20+ other bands
i remember liking them emough to buy a cd from their merch table i remember they had a problem with their van so they were giving away demos to people who donated any money to help get their van fixed so i threw in a couple dollars and got a cd-r that had only two songs on it i remember playing it alot but never knowing what the songs were called i might still have the cd