Friday, March 15, 2013

COALESCE: Out-Of-Print Discography

When I started doing my research on this band to iron out some details on the discography (due to all the re-recordings and re-releases) ... I realized I have not much in common with these guys. It's cool though because their riffs shred. I did, however, spend about an hour reading THIS rather comprehensive AP article that Ryan Downey wrote on them. While the word "idiot" crossed my mind multiple times whilst reading, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their perspective on the history and impact of the band.

Their two latest offerings entitled OXEP and OX are still readily available via Relapse Records. For everything else, check the links below.

PS - Anyone have Mp3s of the split with Converge?

1994 - Demo (thanks to Joe Eternal Sleep for these Mp3s which eluded me)
1994 - self-titled 7" on Chapter Records
1995 - 002 (Original Recording)
1996 - Splits with Get Up Kids, Napalm Death & Boy Sets Fire
1997 - Give Them Rope
1997 - A Safe Place (002 Re-Recorded & The Edison Records 7")
1998 - Functioning On Impatience
1999 - 0-12: Revolution In Just Listening
2007 - Salt And Passage

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