Sunday, September 9, 2012


Monument to Thieves is a southern California hardcore band consisting of several notable members including the following: Keith Barney (Throwdown, Eighteen Visions), David Richardson (As Hope Dies, Force Of Change), Matt Horwitz (Adamantium, The Agony Scene), Marc Jackson (Force of Change, Throwdown), and Dave Itow (The Mistake, Amendment 18).

While the band name was obviously taken from the very influential band His Hero Is Gone, the music doesn't quite share much in common as this project is reminiscent of Disembodied, Harvest and past projects of the current members of the band. While passing on the traditional messages of hardcore, Monument To Thieves also dives heavily into current events, social struggles/issues and political injustice.

On these 7"s, Keith Barney played guitar while David Richardson provided vocals. By the time the full length was to be recorded, however, David had quit and Keith Barney would move to vocals while bringing in Marc Jackson from Throwdown in to fill the guitar vacacy. Matt Horwitz would play drums with Dave Itow providing bass for the entire duration of the band.

Included in this download are their first two 7" releases. The LP is actually readily available for purchase for only $5 HERE. You also get the CD and download included! That's a pretty awesome deal for a pretty awesome record. If this download doesn't whet your appetite ... I don't know how else I can convince you.


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