Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WOODWORK: Demo 2012

While going through my e-mail and sorting out all of the junk that accumulated in the past couple months, I came across one meaningful message. A young band from France had messaged me a month or so back humbly requesting for a link to their demo that they just recorded. I checked it out and was impressed enough to post about it. These guys seem like they're putting a lot of heart into what they're doing so I just wanted to pass the word along. Here is their own description of their sound.

We are a band from Toulouse, France; influenced by the music and the ideas of bands/collectives/authors such as Unbroken, Indecision, Catharsis, Outspoken, Trial, Morning Again, Burn, Inside Out, 108, Noam Chomsky, CrimethInc, Alexander Berkman, Elisée Reclus.... We put out our demo on tape (orange & white) and CD-R. Hit us up if you want one:"

Here's a direct download link:

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becker77 said...

think someone needs to be red pilled chomsky isn't as mindblowing as you think