Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LASH OUT: Discography

Considering the best description that I can really write up on this band is "fucking awesome", I'm going to let the experts at Wikipedia handle the early years of the band as I'm simply copying and pasting what they have written.

"Lash Out arose from the remains of former hardcore bands based in the scene in and around the city of Molde, Norway. The former four-piece, by now five-piece band, got together in the last months of 1992 and recorded their first demo tape. This recording gave them a deal with the German label Stormstrike Records. Since then the band have released a 12"/MCD entitled "The Darkest Hour" (November 1993) and donated a track for a split 7" with labelmates Contention (January 1994). Both releases sold very well and have been given solid reviews worldwide, describing the band's output playing moshy, metallic hardcore.

In the summer of 1994 Lash Out recorded six new songs. Five of them appear on the "Worn Path" 12"/MCD and represent Lash Out as a more mature band dedicated to an even heavier and more melodic sound. The remaining track from the 1994 recording sessions appeared on a compilation of European hardcore bands on Conquer the World Records in the US."

Apparently from this point the band would go on to record several more split 7"s and EPs before culminating with an LP that remains unreleased to this band. Before breaking up in 1999, the band replaced their original vocalist in 1997 with a man named Ole Anders Olsen who would later go on to call himself Andy LePlegua while fronting the bands Icons Of Coil and Combichrist. Also, apparently some of the other members of Lash Out went on to form JR Ewing (screamo), Thunderbolt (considerably epic metal) and the infamous Sportswear (youth crew revival). Quite an interesting group of musicians, I would say.

The band followed through on promises to release a self-funded, double CD discography that also includes the previously unreleased full length. The band released the album, entitled The Judas Breed, for their shows they played with Integrity in 2011 in their home country of Norway. As far as I know the discography is no longer available and was only printed in a very small quantity. Luckily I had some friends in attendance who managed to grab a copy for me. The discography can be downloaded below.

DOWNLOAD - The Judas Breed Disc 1
DOWNLOAD - The Judas Breed Disc 2

On a side note ... I found this through some internet research on the band. It is a blog ran by one of the former members of the band ... it's pretty self-explanatory if you read the blog before reading the letter pictured at the top of the page. Enjoy it HERE.

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