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As previously stated, Mediafire deleted my account and I lost all my uploaded music. I'll mostly be going through and simply updating the links on my old posts. I was never really happy with my Creation Is Crucifixion discography posts, however, so I'm going to take the opportunity to revamp everything ... not to mention with a VERY seriously awesome amendment at the end. Check it.

Growing up in "the scene" around 1999-2001, I had the opportunity to see many of the local grind bands on a regular basis. It wasn't rare for me to see either Commit Suicide, Fate Of Icarus, Circle Of Dead Children, or Sadis Euphoria on any given weekend. There was one band, however, that I never had the pleasure of seeing. That band, regretfully, was Creation Is Crucifixion. I'm not sure what it was that prevented me from seeing them at first as it was the time when the early Willowtip bands were regularly playing all across the city. I know towards the end of their stint I purposely passed on seeing them once or twice due to the rumors floating that they would potentially show up to "sit on the ground and play with a computer" as opposed to grinding. I must admit that said premise wasn't exactly my cup of tea at the time but looking back I obviously regret my decision to pass on "the noise". Redemption was granted to me in the form of an impromptu, somewhat secret reunion show that I was lucky enough to witness last night. I digress.

Creation Is Crucifixion was born from the band Chapter (who I posted a discography of HERE) who were based out of Greensburg, PA. Technically the first release from Creation Is Crucifixion was a self-titled, self-released 7" of what were actually the final two recorded Chapter tracks. While said songs still jammed, the band had yet to even begin to hit their stride as a new outfit free from the constraints that may have been there as a part of Chapter.

Dethrone Or Devour was the first effort to feature the playing of Paul Nowinski, formerly of Abnegation, on guitar. The musical progression is noticed immediately on this recording as this was the first effort put to tape recorded with the intent of being released as "Creation Is Crucifixion". The inclusion of noise tracks are first heard on this release. Their first two 7" releases I just spoke of can be downloaded HERE.

The band would continue to release several split 7"s with the likes of Fate Of Icarus, Suicide Nation and Unruh (in that order). The material contained on these recordings truly commemorate the band hitting their stride. Containing only one track per release, the band ultimately decided to re-record their own material from the splits down the road and release as a limited "Re-Recorded Vinyl Splits" EP. You can download that HERE. You can also download the splits in their original, entire form below.

DOWNLOAD - Creation Is Crucifixion & Fate Of Icarus
DOWNLOAD - Creation Is Crucifixion & Suicide Nation
DOWNLOAD - Creation Is Crucifixion & Unruh

The first full length album released by the band was is in_Silico. Releasing a full length allowed for the band to fully exercise their creativity whereas the split 7" format did not. Intermittent noise pieces were found throughout the roughly 40 minutes of intensity placed on this album. A few tracks from the Dethrone Or Devour 7" were re-recorded for this album and once again, the band's continual progression can be evidenced through these songs. Originally being released by the infamous Cyberdine 243 (who would also release Luddite Clone and killtheslavemaster), the album would later be re-mastered and re-released by Scorched Earth Policy in Europe. The original version on Cyberdine 243 can be downloaded HERE while the re-mastered version on Scorched Earth Policy can be downloaded HERE.

The second album is the Automata "EP", which for whatever reason is not considered to be a full length despite the contents of 10 tracks. This release features equal parts noise and music and has a slightly more raw edge to its recording. Somewhere between the release of in_Silico and this album, guitarist Scott Mellinger would leave to join his local friends to play in Zao. Despite having written some of the tracks, his playing did not appear on the album. Willowtip Records (the label who helped release most of the band's earlier material) was in charge of this release; more than likely due to the instability of former labels, King Of The Monsters and Cyberdine 243. You can download Automate HERE.

The third and final album, Child As Audience (Where Technology And Anarchy Fuck) was to be the last "full length" release from the band. Also recognized as a split release featuring two other contributors to the Hactivist collective (Carbon Defense League and Critical Art Ensemble), these 7 tracks are split between several musical offerings paired up with a spoken word attack on the capitalist system of "education". Postulating that the education system is nothing more than a preparation for a lifetime of enslavement through the capitalist system, the three think-tanks involved with this project go to great lengths to compare this to the nature and objectives of the Jesuit sect of christianity. "Give them to me until they are twelve and they are mine for life" is the catalyst for this release, it appears. Seeking to use the re-programming of a Nintendo GameBoy system as a representative figure, this album comes with a 200 page booklet giving both full reasoning and instruction on how to do so in several different languages. If this intrigues you, I suggest you download it HERE.

Towards the VERY end of the band's tenure, they released several very rare and limited efforts which primarily focused on the noise side of the band. While I haven't been able to even track down all of these efforts myself, I HAVE acquired a split they did with a band called UUM, a "remix" album entitled Destructivist, and a release entitled "Broadcast No. 1" which was a 79 minute improvisation recorded for a local radio station in Spain; released on cassette. You can download the following below.

DOWNLOAD - Creation Is Crucifixion & UUM split
DOWNLOAD - Creation Is Crucifixion - Destructivist
DOWNLOAD - Creation Is Crucifixion - Broadcast No. 1

This used to be where the post ended. After last night, however, I am excited to say that I finally had a chance to witness the band live as they decided to perform a nearly impromptu set at the end of a show that I luckily caught wind of. I decided to film the set for everyone who was not fortunate enough to have been there or heard about it. It turned out surprisingly well for an iPhone recording (technology, eh). Nathan, their vocalist, did quite a good job at summing up responses to any and all criticism the band had faced in the past ten years and explained quite thoroughly (and succinctly) what the band was all about after all these years. Enjoy.


zimes said...

Thanks so much for posting this.

XemonerdX said...

Mediafire suxxx, sorry to hear they deleted your account as well.

Awesome you finally got to check out CIC tho, and videotaped it even, sweet! Will check it out when I get a chance.

Rob said...

Oh, damn. I haven't listened to CIC in years. (I've got a couple of their albums in a box of CDs here.) One of my favorite bands from that era of Pittsburgh metal.

I'm really jealous that you got to see the reunion show -- I had no no idea they were reuniting.

And I fondly remember the era of Willowtip bands. (I used to be a metal DJ on WRCT in the early '00s, doing one of the Saturday night shows.)

br said...

Really appreciate this post... Always thought Creation is Crucifixion were an extremely underrated band, with so much more to offer people than the run-of-the-mill lyrics and attitude of hardcore bands of the time. Come to think of it, CIC most likely turned me on to "real" metal and grind. (Spread the Disease may have sparked that fire for me a little earlier.) Their set in a backyard at Hellfest 2001/2002 with Maharahj was one of my favorite live sets of all time. Great post, great blog. Thanks!

Curlee Daddee said...

Thank you for this post. Friends with band members of Kalmex and the Riffmerchants who have played with CIC in the past. And now I have some of CIC to cherish forever.

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Gracias,saludos de ARGENTINA!!!

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