Thursday, August 30, 2012

CORRIN: Discography

Not much to be said about this band from Rhode Island that hasn't been said by their biography from the OneDaySaviour site...

"In my opinion New England was at the forefront of the metalcore scene in the mid 1990s. Bands like Overcast, Barrit, Cave In, Converge were all building up steam and it was not long before they would become a household name in the hardcore market. There was however one band that fell by the wayside during the frenzy and their name was Corrin. Fronted by Jesse Leach (former Killswitch Engage, Nothing Stays Gold and now Seemless) Corrin were certainly as good as the latter bands mentioned, though for one reason or another, they went completely overlooked. When I first arrived in Providence in 1996, Corrin were a sound that I had never heard before. Yes they were heavy, they clearly had metal and hardcore influences, but what made them different was that they sounded altogether evil. Similar to Overcast, Corrin were musically far more melodic and Jesse's vocals had a far more simple approach than his recent bands display. A sound that seemed to be a staple in the New England area at the time, Corrin would roll through mid paced metal chugging and seamlessly fall into dark melodic instrumental intros and outros. Often the band sounded rather unhinged, not clearly letting a particular part or pattern breathe for too long. Its a listen that while not compelling, is certainly unique in both style and form. Corrin would release a 7" entitled "Despair Rides On Angels Wings" on Hydra Head in 1995 and a split 7" with Arise from the same recording session. They would go on to record 4 more songs in 1996 that would never be released until the release of the CD "Plutonian Shores" on Infidel which compiled the last material as well as the previously released material from the 7"s and various compilations."

I included their 1995 Demo in this upload as well. Enjoy.



XemonerdX said...

Awesome post, love this band. Good to see the blog alive & kicking again!

AJ said...

Yeah ... I "work" about 80 hours a week and my life is focused on more reality-based things right now. The very little free time I have is now spent on catching up on 15 years of wrestling I missed while I was obsessed with hardcore. The way I found the motivation to keep doing blog posts is to write a note on my arm every time a song pops up on my iPod that gets me excited ... and then I do a post on the band because I love sharing my music with people. Makes all the collecting seem worthwhile.

now less hard to find said...

aj, thx so much for this post. i have the 7" but couldn't find any of the other stuff over here.
also thx a bunch for not giving up your blog. i wsih i had your talent start my own but i'm not persistent enough. yours, joris from belgium.