Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Grind songs that actually have listenability is something you're not going to come across too often. Drummers who can legitimately pull off gravity blasts without the convenience of triggers is an even rarer phenomenon.

Commit Suicide were the next step in the musical evolution that was going on in Pittsburgh around this time. Taking the technicality and song-writing a step past their counterparts before them such as Circle Of Dead Children, Fate Of Icarus, and Sadis Euphoria (all on Willowtip), Commit Suicide was always a cut above the rest in my eyes for multiple reasons.

This discography post includes their original 3 song demo that I picked up at their very first show (opening for Martyr AD and Burnt By The Sun at Roboto) along with both of their full lengths and a split with Misery Index that all were released in the early days of the infamous Willowtip Records.

The band has talked on-again-and-off-again about potential reunion shows ... but until then, you should pick up a copy of Human Larvae as it is an enhanced CD that has video of a full live set included with it. Plus its one of the best sounding grind albums due to the fact that they recorded with Bill Korecky (Integrity, In Cold Blood, Premonitions Of War, a lot of other albums that matter).



XsoldoutX said...

one of the best metal bands from pennsylvania ever. period.

Dan said...

One of the criminally undderrated death metal bands ever.