Wednesday, July 11, 2012

XAPHAN: New Songs

Almost immediately after announcing that Disembodied was donezo, news about Xaphan started floating around. Xaphan was set to feature both guitarists and bassist from Disembodied coupled with the drummer and vocalist of Threadbare. Couldn't think of a heavier combination myself.

Keeping in mind that Disembodied has always been one of my favorite bands largely in part due to the contributions vocally and percussive; I had high expectations of the Threadbare members set to replace said Disembodied members. As expected, they did not fail. The band has finally released two tracks for streaming.

While the band is obviously a slight departure from Disembodied ... it is NOT a departure from heavy. This obviously has slightly less "hardcore" influence and moreso that of this new wave of what I like to call "guys with beards music" ... there are still plenty of signature midwest metalcore sections and parts reminiscent of all past projects involved.

Their first show is tonight ... I wish I was there. Worth mentioning: said first show is opening for Black Breath and Enabler ... two of the few "new" bands that have gotten me excited in recent memory. If only MPLS wasn't over 10 hours away...

Want to hear two songs? Check them out ...