Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick Apology Post

I just wanted to drop in and make a quick apology to the long-time readers of the blog. A couple years ago I had an anti-One Life Crew post up. I took it down not long after posting simply because I had to remember that everyone in hardcore has a right to speak their mind regardless of whether it aligns with my personal beliefs or not.

I recently got into a mini-squabble online with the PC mediators of Pittsburgh "Hardcore" (I call it punk) and it brought back bad memories of my One Life Crew post. The situation definitely made me reflect on my OLC post again.

The older I'm getting and the more of the world that I'm experiencing, I'm starting to see the grey areas and the different aspects that can arise to shape someone's world view. While I may not agree with all of what OLC was saying, I definitely am into the way they went about challenging the rigid and sterile 90s hardcore scene.

Challenging and being challenged is the only true way for people to grow in their beliefs. One Life Crew was essentially the flip side of the Racetraitor quarter ... so I need to respect them as well.

In celebration of my new-found respect for One Life Crew (and in apology for my previous bashing) ... here is their discography.

If you hate them so much, then download this and listen to their lyrics for yourself (as opposed to buying into someone else's heresy), tell me what you hate so much and I'll gladly have it out with you on it. I'll probably actually do an entire blog write-up once I read all the hate mail.

Not to mention that Cleveland bands from the 90s wrote the hardest shit (sorry, NYC).



Margaret said...

Good post, man. Heard about the "squabble" on Roboto. Bitches just need something to bitch about, man. Just kidding! Seriously, though, good post. I agree with the whole "getting older" and coming to see the "grey areas" part especially.

By the way, you ever gonna fucking upload those Burnt By The Sun records? Soundtrack and The Perfect, specifically. Both my copies are pretty badly scratched. C'mon, man. Hook it up.

Raze Crosses said...

Oops. That was Dutch, not Margaret. Hate it when she doesn't sign out of her shit on my laptop.

mattack said...

I dunno man... I was *there* in the 90's, saw One Life Crew in Cleveland, listened to Crime Ridden Society shortly after it came out.

1. It's mediocre hardcore at best. The whole "you stabbed me in the back, we'll give you a beat down" shit was tired, even in 1996. And really, how many songs about "true 'till death" straight-edge does the world need?

2. Their stance on immigration is unconscionable. Read the lyrics to Pure Disgust and tell me they don't sound racist.

Fuck One Life Crew.

AJ said...

I agree on the banality of their lyrics but confusing racism with a differing opinion on immigration is equally "tired" as well.

AJ said...

Dutch ... send me another e-mail to ajp.worrell@gmail and I'll send you those tracks with some extra shit you may not know about.


basically I had the same opinion OLC.i always thought they were racist inbreds but on the other hand there are songs against the klan and racists and even pure disgust isnt a clear racist statement,so I guess its a case of opinions,but still those people involved in OLC were later involved in Pitboss (who were clearly signed to a wp record label,released a split with a racist band and so son)and I heard that one of those gus is writing a book about being racist in hc.

I still listen to CRS because I just love the simple riffs and the stupidity BUT i am no racist and wouldnt listen to this if i were 100% sure tha this is a racist band.I say those dudes were just dumb.

mattack said...

What I find interesting about all the anti-illegal-immigrant rhetoric I've heard, is it always focuses on brown people. I've never heard anyone complain about "illegal" immigrants from Canada or Europe. It's always Mexico or the Middle East.

No one wants to shore up the Canadian border...

So forgive me if I conflate racism and anti-immigration.

becker77 said...

social justice warriors critiquing music,first off everyone has a right to their point of view if you feel they dont maybe the issue is with you and you might have a mind virus.Hate speech only became an issue when it became a law which was lobbied for by the adl which is a whole other conversation in it self.You had the right to be wrongheaded unitl that law made an issue out of it.mic dropped ,rubber hit the road