Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There are two things you should know about this blog ... firstly, I don't post music that is still in press and readily available for purchase and secondly, Hatebreed will always be my shit.

That being said, I've spent countless hours searching for these rarities that I present to you now. I caught wind a few months ago that Hatebreed offered multiple editions of their most recent, self-titled release from early 2010. Here is the breakdown:

Wal-Mart Edition (no longer carried) included two bonus tracks entitled Lay It All To Waste and Preservation Of Belief which are living proof that even Hatebreed's throw-away B-sides are better than mostly everything else that exists within heavy music today.

iTunes Pre-Order Only Edition (no longer available for purchase) included re-recorded versions of the final two songs from the Under The Knife sessions that were yet to be re-worked. Filth and Kill An Addict have always been two of my favorite Hatebreed songs and it's awesome to hear them finally recorded in a session where you can hear things other than the china cymbal.

There was a "Deluxe" edition that included a DVD with two live shows and live recordings of To The Threshold and As Diehard As They Come but that is still available for purchase from several retailers so I chose to not include these for download.

I literally spent well over 5 hours searching online for these tracks and gladly would have paid for them if purchasing these tracks were still an option. It's a shame that material this good fades into obscurity due to exclusivity deals these major retailers (Wal Mart and iTunes) force upon bands in order to push their releases.

Fuck buying music from Wal Mart and/or iTunes ... here are the bonus tracks from the various "Special Editions" from Hatebreed's self-titled masterpiece. Just as a bonus, here is a link to the YouTube video I made for the ALMOST as rare re-recording of Severed (another Under The Knife classic) from the UK Edition of the Supremacy album.




i made a comp from all the b sides and rarities they made.if you need some other stuff hit me up.

MacKenzie said...

Love these guys! Just pre-ordered the new CD and can't wait to listen to it!