Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PATH TO MISERY: Pre-Production 2011

These are the first two songs we've recorded in 3 and a half years. This is far from an official release and to be honest, I wouldn't even consider this demo quality. These are merely two pre-production tracks that we recorded, mixed and "mastered" in 6 hours (by ourselves) that we wanted to share in hopes that people will be familiar with them at our show with Earth Crisis and Cavalera Conspiracy next Wednesday, October 19th. There's two songs in one file and the lyrics are as follows...


To maintain restriction ... erase all trace of conviction.

Subversive manipulation through mental annihilation. Encaged by abusive expectations and lured into a social system: a perverted reality. Psychological prisoner only seeking to aid in the interrogation. An occasional indulgence in exchange for docility. Demonstrating false omnipotence to suggest futility ... propagating distress and despair ... inducing debility.

To maintain restriction ... erase all trace of conviction.

Physical control can only come through cooperation

Suffer alone in silence ... ensuring your total compliance



Blinded by a veil of disconnection, we remain twice removed from the repercussions of the lives we portray as empathetic to the injustices of the world and the exploitation of the lives betrayed

Over and over again ... heedlessness will reign down

Fuck your god and fuck your faith when it imposes upon the fate of those without the means to defend from the life you attempt to maintain

Convictions abandoned ... conveniences praised as your god

There will be no allegiance to those who turn to sin

With every life, an assurance of death ... an endless cycle of misery
While I accept the truth of this world ... I refuse to adhere to its code

Never-ending intolerance ... for decimation brought about by their hands

Human Cultivation is a song we wrote last week that represents the "new" direction that the band is headed towards due to our new (and stable) line-up. When I say "new" all I mean is leaning moreso towards some of our influences we've had all along (Machine Head, Soulfly, Living Sacrifice, Candiria). Lyrically the song deals with those who seek to control others in whatever form they see fit ... whether it be on the massive scale of governmental institutions or the seemingly menial scale of a one-on-one relationship.

Veil Of Disconnection is actually three years old exactly now and was the first track the "original" line-up wrote after the full length. When I say "original" I mean some combination of the 10-15 members that were in the band leading up to the full length. Some of you may have heard this song played out live at one of our 6 shows we've played in the past 3 years. The lyrics to this song are perhaps some of the more scathing I've ever written (or at least I'd like to think) which attack those who use their religion, faith, code, beliefs or whatever they would like to label it as an excuse to live their lives the way they see fit without regard to the fragile ecosystem (and all of the living things within it) that harbors the life they would like to attribute to whatever god or spirit it is they believe in. Fuck off.

Please feel free to share opinions on the tracks. They may or may not be re-recorded for our EP that we're going to start writing in November. Speaking of which ... expect the blog to start picking back up in November. Thanks for being patient.

Oh yeah, and we have a Facebook page now (lame) ... ... communicate with us.