Thursday, January 20, 2011

IRONSIDE: Discography

I've had the 7"s from these guys for a while now but was only recently reminded of their genius via the reminiscent Facebook statuses posted by Lash Out who recently reunited to play with Integrity in Norway. I started jamming Ironside's "Fragments Of The Last Judgement" (sic) 7" again and, as fate has it, stumbled upon the semi-discography CD, Ecstatic Ritual, at a local record store within the same week. I love the way life works sometimes.

There is not much that I can say about the band that hasn't already been said either by the author of Aversion Online (I'm sorry I don't know your name) or the vocalist of Ironside who both contributed to a beautifully informative post over two years ago which you can read HERE. My only reason for making a post of my own is due to the former post's inactive download links and my increasingly-predictable urge to spread the word on grossly underrated metalcore of the past.

If you're looking for the biographical info on Ironside, I would strongly suggest reading that post as there is nothing else I can really say on top of what has been said. My only additions to the praise already handed out is that the layout of the discography CD is fucking awesome and you should really put some effort into tracking down a copy so that you can experience it for yourself. I can also add some information to clear up the rather vague "discography" CD.

Tracks 1-6 were recorded during the same session. Only tracks 1-4 appear on the infamous Fragments Of The Last Judgement 7". I'm not too sure what the other two tracks were used for (compilation tracks perhaps). Tracks 7-9 comprised an unreleased 3 song demo while tracks 10-13 made up the first demo that the band released. Apparently there is an "original" demo that the band themselves never felt the need to release.

The other folder included in this download link is the band's final 7" entitled "Damn Your Blooded Eyes" which featured the band moving in a much more sludgey, down-tempo direction; a move away from the previous "holy terror" influenced metalcore played by the Straight Edge line-up at the time of all songs included on the Ecstatic Ritual compilation CD.

Perhaps my affinity towards the band can be attributed to the diss shot at the "posi-core" kids who would apparently shit their pants at any and all Ironside gigs back in the early 90s. Either way, this band rages and the members have went on to form a respectable slew of innovative bands since the demise of Ironside in 1994.


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Silverfox said...

thanks for this,I know a couple of the members and am originally from Northern England oldschool, was aware of Ironside but even then, they were quite shrouded, unless I was not finger on the pulse, been after this for a while, superb blog, head over here often, keep the faith!