Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is something you are sure to only find here at the Path To Misery blog. I essentially have no information on this band other than that they were from Japan from a few years ago and have since disbanded. They never officially released anything and this "demo" is merely a collection of compilation songs that the band contributed to various comps I've attained over the years of my trading with Hiro from Retribution Network. These contributions came from the the War 1119 and War Must Be Declared pt 1 compilations; the band offering two songs on each release.

That being said, this is the next best thing to Abnegation that will ever exist. Hell, this is better than some Abnegation itself. If anything, this seems to be somewhat of a studio project as every tom fill sounds as though it's coming straight from a drum machine. The guitar tone is so distorted yet so perfect. Despite being digital rips from recordings made well into the 2000s, these could easily be confused for vinyl rips of recordings from 1995. The divebombs are in full effect as are the consistent open chugging; all being complimented perfectly by PERFECT Iggy knock-off vocals.

I can't say enough good things about this. I've fantasized of forming a tribute band and playing these songs out live. If only there was anyone else out there in the world as obsessed with this kinda shit as I am.

There's nothing I'm going to be able to say to summarize how awesome this band is. These tracks could have easily been released by Abnegation after the As The Stone Strikes The Cedar demo without anyone having any complaints (as opposed to the backlash against the full length "they" released afterward).


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xbojanx said...

Man, I just told to my spouse after turning volume up "Something must be wrong with me, I really enjoy this guitar sound"! :)
More stuff like this would be appreciated :)