Friday, January 7, 2011


Describing their sound is not an easy task, which is always the sign of a great band. Any of the possible comparisons I would make are essentially irrelevant considering I know for a fact these children have never even listened to what an uninformed outsider would guess to be their influences. However, in the interest of trying to persuade you all into to getting down with these guys (and girl) before the spotlight shines on them, I will drop a couple names in the form of Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, early Playing Enemy, Rorschach and maybe even His Hero Is Gone.

The band we're talking about here is Code Orange Kids; a band with an average age of 17 who have already been playing for a few years. I've caught bits and pieces of their sets over the years and was always impressed, but mainly due to the consideration of their age. "Oh yeah, they are pretty sweet for being 15 or whatever" was the usual description I would give when asked for my thoughts on the band. After witnessing only two sets of theirs on this tour, however, all of the conditions of my interest were wiped away and they became classified as simply generally awesome. Actually, I take that back, my new explanation of the band is "fucking awesome".

During the tour that I had been driving these kids on, I was becoming even moreso depressed on the current state of hardcore. I chose to spend the majority of my time in my SUV as opposed to the shows. It was here that I was reading up some really uplifting interviews in the Burning Fight book where bands (like Deadguy) were speaking about the evolution of their sounds; crafting songs solely based out of whatever noises they could consistently make 10 times in a row or more to ensure that they could replicate the arrangements live. It was great to think back to a time where bands were forging new sounds and, in turn, birthing entirely new genres of music without any sort of concern for acceptance within "the scene". It wasn't until the last night of tour that I realized Code Orange Kids were unknowingly partaking in this same work ethic (pun possibly intended) going into the year 2011.

Luckily for me (and anyone who takes the time to really watch the video), I chose to film their set that night. There's not much I can say that the video will not say for itself. Perhaps some of the beauty is in the simple things that the untrained eye may not see. The fact that they have yet to reach a level of understanding that dictates that you DO NOT play on broken cymbals or that it is really just worth it to front the money and buy Monster cords while simultaneously having some of the nastiest guitar and bass tones I've ever heard that are complimented by the scathing vocals coming from all ends of the gender spectrum is both an anomaly and inspiration to me. I've always been into bands who make "something" out of "nothing" and I think Code Orange Kids personify this in the truest form.

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