Friday, December 24, 2010

A blog I somehow managed to overlook

I have no idea how I have never visited this blog up until now. I came across it while looking to fill in the holes of my Endpoint discography. I strongly suggest checking this out if you're into 90s hardcore. Very thorough and dedicated work that includes full scans of all the layouts of the albums. VERY RARE SHIT HERE!!!

There Is Only One Truth


xbelvederskiyx said...

thanks for nice words man!)
it is really important for me that people read my blog and they like it)
thanks man)
your blog is awesome too
I read it for 1.5 years!
and Path of misery demo 2007 and st are really great!
also it was I who contact you on Catalyst forum and buy some seven inches (Extinction, Quixote, Blindfold, Birthright and some other - you make me some discount if you remember)))
iw was really sad to read your latest posts but man I can you that I understand you.
and you made really big and hard word by doing Path from Misery - personally I founded many great bands on your blog and I want to say big thanks for you!!!
wish you all the best
and don't think about sad things in hardcore - the best of hardcore is doing is inside you!and no one can't take it

AJ said...

Damn man ... didn't know that was you who was buying the 7"s. I would have cut you a bigger break if I knew you would be taking the time to rip them into Mp3s for new kids to hear. Let me know if this ever comes up again and I will hook you up.

Kef said...

Why don't you like Strife?

AJ said...

Reasons I Hate Strife:

- They're from the West Coast.
- One Truth is the worst album Victory ever put out. I'd rather listen to Snow Dogs if I had to pick a Victory band.
- Third-rate Judge even at their best (In This Defiance).
- Sold out ... but in the worst way.
- Generally douchebags.
- I've seen live footage.
- Released worst band DVD of all time.
- Angermeans.
- I read their section in the Burning Fight book.
- Pointless reunion shows.
- They're from the West Coast.