Saturday, April 24, 2010

Possibly the best blog...

Considering I'm going to be pretty tied up with getting my Pittsburgh Mosh blog off the ground over the next few weeks, I am going to strongly suggest that you check out the Christian Hardcore Records blog for, by far, the most comprehensive compilation of Christian hardcore and metalcore from throughout the 90s. Have all the opinions you want on Christianity ... but the music from that era was by far some of the best. I am really blown away by the totality of this blog. I was fairly certain that I had attained mostly everything from the genre ... but Jesus, was I wrong.

Christian Hardcore Records Blog ... tell them the Devil sent you


Ryan said...

crazy you mentioned the christian hardcore blog. i was looking for old few left standing and torn in two. that was the only site i could find anything from torn in two. for sure a gem of a site!

breakyaface1864 said...

Dear Sir you are correct!
Josh has amazed me also with the comprehensive collection of brilliant yet quite unknown bands. I strongly recommend CxC records to anyone who thinks knows "everything" about hardcore, regardless of his religious preference. On the site I found some musical gems, including the one named Killing Years (inspired by Strongarm, early Shai Hulud) so yes it is well worth visiting.

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