Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mind Intrusion

By far the best "90s" blog I've come across. I put "90s" in quotations because there is no dogma prescribed to by the guy who runs this blog. If something that was recorded a year ago is awesome, it gets posted. Similarly, bad albums don't get posted here simply due to the decade in which they were released.

It just started a few months ago but already has more content than most blogs. Some of the music I've already downloaded from this page has blown my mind; both in the sense that I've never heard of most of the bands and also in how amazingly good most of it is.

If you have an open mind and are into music that is equally passionate as it is obscure, then check out Mind Intrusion.


XemonerdX said...

Agreed, awesome blog.

FredCore said...

that blog is great! thanks for posting.

thuglifebaldwin said...

thanks for the press man. the more the merrier! alot of the stuff i post, im actually pretty suprised myself that it isnt already up somewhere on the web...but its stuff i pretty much grew up listening to.....i guess alot of people dont know about it because alot of it is european and the european bands fro mthat era never got as much love/press as the american bandsdid, they just overshadowed everything else that went on elsewhere around the world....everyone knows a band like converge or coalesce but ananda? enfold? doppler? no one knows these bands, but they where/are all incredibliy just exposing it to a larger audience.......or at least thats what id like to believe im doing.

anyways thanks to all my readers....for a while i wasnt sure i had any! but the comments are comming hard n fast now and its great!

love you guys and there will be alot more to come!