Sunday, January 17, 2010

Huge Collection Score!

This past weekend I decided to take my first show road trip in quite some time to see Disembodied in Syracuse, NY. Needless to say, they fucking killed it. The promoter of the show ( was gracious enough to allow me to set up my distro to offset some of the gas costs to get up there and back. You'd be surprised at how rare something like this is becoming amongst "hardcore shows" in 2010. Either way, Architect was also on the bill (also a large factor playing into my road trip) and they also managed to play the best set I've ever seen them play. My friend Keith from Architect (or maybe Keith from Hell Fest if you're out of the loop) approached me at my distro and offered to donate "some" CDs for my distro and/or blog as he is a strong supporter of both endeavors. I followed him to his house after the show only to find that "a few " CDs meant over 200 discs of pure metalcore gold.

If any of you know me, you know that my CD collection is an equally respectable entity (humor). There are times when I feel as though there is nothing else left for me to acquire. Well, Keith's collection proved me to be nothing more than entirely wrong. It was almost as though his collection was the missing piece to mine. Despite having very comparable musical tastes, there were very few discs that overlapped amongst our collections. His collection of obscure Syracuse acts was rivaled only by his gathering of "Hell Fest demos" (aka demos of bands who I saw at Hell Fest 2001 in which I have never been able to track down since). As we all know, Hell Fest 2001 remains to be the single greatest show in which I've ever witnessed; and these demos brought back quite a few fond memories.

Some of the most notable CDs donated to me include: Dissolve's Graverobber EP, a pre-Godbelow band called The Last Season's full length album, the original EP and split CDs from xMaroonx only released internationally in 2000 & 2001, Ebony Sorrow's demo (the band who opened up Hell Fest 2001 in which I entered the room and immediately started moshing), Andromeda's self-released full length album, and just hundreds of amazing albums which I will be posting up here over what I'm guessing will be over the next month or two.

I'll start this off by telling a short story related to my trip to Syracuse. I ran into Ryan Hex who I hadn't seen since Sincerity Fest 2007 when his current project Mistletoe was playing. He had his distro set up from which I picked a few gems up from. We got to talking about one of his past projects, The Funeral; and subsequently their elusive 4 song demo. I used to have this as Mp3s from my SoulSeek days. I lost that computer full of Mp3s; most of which I recovered without problem. For whatever reason, however, The Funeral's demo has eluded me for well over 4 years now. If it wasn't so fucking awesome I probably would have forgotten about it by now.

It was no longer than 15 minutes after Ryan and I concluded our conversation about combining efforts to try and get this thing back into Mp3 circulation that I had it given to me by Keith Architect. Life is strange sometimes. Anyhow, here is this perfect fucking demo in its four song entirety.

If this demo gets you as hyped as it does I, go to my previous post I did on the band almost exactly a year ago HERE and check out their full length efforts.

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xCHIPxSEM said...

Damn AJ good haul. You should have asked...Ive had that demo since it came out. I could have done a high quality rip for you.