Monday, January 4, 2010


As with my post on Palehorse, I had the pleasure of getting to book Through The Discipline many times throughout my hardcore career. Luckily for me (and Pittsburgh in general) however, Through The Discipline were consistently one of the most reliable bands I've ever booked. Showing up despite snow storms and anything else you could think of that would deter most bands, Through The Discipline ALWAYS made the extra effort to ensure playing in Pittsburgh; and that is why they were treated as though they were a local whenever they'd play here.

While they had released an EP prior to this 2003 Demo (and a full length afterwards), this 3 song effort remains unrivaled as my favorite material from the band. Through The Discipline brought an entirely new level of professionalism to our little hardcore world. The live performance and equipment was obviously always top notch; but even the simple things such as the release and packaging of their demo was new to us. Fully packaged, shrink wrapped, and pressed came this 3 song demo. I won't even speak of the recording quality as it will speak for itself upon download.

Through The Discipline truly had a unique style. Blending elements of legitimate 80s thrash metal such as Cerebral Fix (lifted a riff or two), Cancer, Sepultura and other Roadracer Records bands along with the worthwhile elements of NYHC (the over the top dance breaks), they managed to craft a style of metalcore all their own. As with mostly every band featured on this blog, the deserved recognition was never received for this outfit and they prematurely broke up not long after the release of their one and only full length.

I'm continuing to hold out hope for a reunion show at some point.


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