Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lake Effect In Effect

There's two people who do as much for Erie as I do for Pittsburgh: EMS and Josh Buck. I mean, there are probably just as many others in Erie who I am not mentioning as there are in Pittsburgh that I'm not mentioning, but we are the ones who relish in old, bad hardcore the most. On top of that, we make blogs about it and try to push the garbage on everyone else as well.

On the real though, EMS' new blog which is dedicated to solely Erie Hardcore Lake Effect In Effect bands is off to a good start. Not really sure how he manages to run a blog when he's already handling Forward Hall (Erie's flagstaff venue) as well as his band Smoke & Mirrors and tattoo shop Ink Assassins, but that's the kinda shit you do when you are addicted to HxC.

He re-posted my Abnegation discography that I did over a year ago now (which is weird to think about) and was apparently inspired to do his own rip of their original Life For A Life demo cassette. I really wish he would have done so before I made my post because his rip sounds literally twice as good as whatever it was I had included in the zip file (which has been downloaded over 500 times thusfar). Had I known this many people were going to read my bullshit I probably would have been more polite about the Verses Of The Bleeding full length. Oh well, it really isn't that good. It's cool though, they kinda redeemed themselves with the final two tracks they recorded for some evil and darkness comp that EMS also posted on his blog.

Anyhow, you can hear it here if you are interested. It also includes scans of the cover, which has some very unhappy straight edge cattle on the cover.


I hope we all sleep well at night knowing that we are solely responsible for reproducing whatever it is that we do into the digital age to exist for all eternity. I know I do. Check out EMS' blog HERE and check out Josh Buck's blog HERE if you're looking for shit that should have been left for dead in the 90s.

On a side note ....

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