Monday, January 4, 2010


Killswitch Engage's debut full length is perfect. I'd post it but I'm pretty sure it is still in print and I don't feel like getting my blog shut down. I'm thinking it is OK to post up these master copy rips of their 1999 4 song demo, however. These are pretty much my favorite songs from the album anyhow.

There is a reason that Killswitch Engage took off above all of the other countless metalcore bands who were experimenting with this style at the time. The musicianship is rock solid even on this self-recorded demo. The riffs somehow blend some of the most beautiful melodies known to man seemlessly with parts which would evoke mosh from even the most timid of show-goers. The emotion shown amidst the vocal tracks are outshined only by the lyrical content which focuses on spirituality, individuality, and human empowerment. The percussion work somehow manages to be catchy within itself; everything from the galloping beats to the syncopated double kick riffage.

There is not enough that can be said about this band's early work. They genuinely changed my perspective on music at the time. I won't even get started on my thoughts on the band post-Jesse Leech; we're just going to keep this thread a nice and positive one. Do yourself a favor and pick up their self-titled debut on Ferret Records that came out back in 2000. Metalcore perfection.


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Chris Bloom said...

If you haven't already, it's worth searching out Mike D's former band, Overcast. To this day it's still one of my favorite metal bands and it never got the attention it deserved IMO. Adam D. was formerly in a hardcore band named Aftershock that's also worth searching out.