Sunday, January 24, 2010


I did a post a while back on The Death Of Your Perfect World. It is quite possibly the best hardcore full length of all time. Everyone knows this and many blogs have made posts about it. Therefore, I've decided to do something no one else has done to keep things interesting.

You may or may not be familiar with the Last Rites "full length" that came out both after The Death Of Your Perfect World AND after the band had broken up. Essentially, the album served as a means for Victory to continue to cash in on Buried Alive after their demise. Apparently the band still owed Victory another release or two and the label took it upon themselves to release a collection of pre-production demos that the band was readying in preparation for their sophomore full length which obviously never saw the light of day.

The release annoys me for several reasons. First and foremost, it doesn't contain the tracks from the Reach The Sky split 7". Those are two of my favorite Buried Alive tracks. Secondly, Last Rites fails to offer up the songs in a chronological order. The nine studio tracks included on Last Rites are actually from three different recording sessions that were laid down throughout 2000. For whatever reason, Victory chose to put them in a random order; robbing the album of any sort of cohesion or continuity. Finally, only half of a live set is present on this album; with the rest of the set making its appearance on the poorly distributed New York City Takeover comps that Victory put out around the same time. I have taken it upon myself to fix these shortcomings.

In this upload, I have taken the Last Rites album and sorted it out to the best of my abilities in hopes that it sheds light on the final days of Buried Alive. I sorted out the songs into the separate recording sessions and put them in chronological order so that one can hear the "progression" of the band throughout the year 2000. If anything, this realization somewhat substantiates the claims made by certain members that other certain members wanted to make the band "sound like Papa Roach". In summary, the songs recorded in May of 2000 are drastically different than those recorded in October of the same year. Listen to the tracks and judge for yourself.

Also, after finally tracking down a copy of the New York City Takeover comps nine years after their release I decided to match up the Buried Alive tracks in order to piece together a complete set. I put them in order of how I think the set went and needless to say, it is quite a solid set. Of course I also included the tracks from the Reach The Sky split, which were actually from the same session as one of the tracks on the Last Rites album.

I hope you enjoy. I'm also re-posting the live video I have of an unreleased Buried Alive track that I uploaded to Vimeo a while ago. Any information about this track would be great.

Last Rites was anything but a suitable farewell to such a legendary band. If Buried Alive would have ever released another full length, I am sure it would been every bit as intimidating as The Death Of Your Perfect World.

Just for the fuck of it, I'm throwing in the original Six Month Face 7" (master CD rips at 320 kbps) as well as the 1998 demo. PIT!!!