Monday, January 4, 2010


So I know of at least one person who is going to get upset that I posted this, but that's fine because this band legitimately ruled. Well, the final two songs they recorded ruled, at least.

In 2004, when I was still doing Drain This Blood, we played with a lot of really bad bands who played a similar style to us. It was always kind of expected for us to automatically enjoy or be down with bands who had a mutual inclination for ripping off Terror. I usually tended to be moreso into the metalcore bands we would occasionally get to play with; especially the polite christian ones in their early teenage years. During the multiple times we got to play with Anne Gohra, I was always quite excited. They started in 2003 when they were ages 14 & 15 I believe and I remember watching them consistently getting better. Metalcore in 2004 is metalcore the way I like it. Melodic, swedish metal knock-off riffs, syncopated open chug mosh parts, gang vocals, passionate guitar leads ... the works. These guys nearly perfect the style with these two songs. Of course they were christian and one can only imagine the pile-ons whenever they would play Cancel The Debt (who's lyrics consisted of the Our Father prayer) at the local christian venue. The song structures are damn near perfect as well; very consistent flow to the songs that don't allow room for boredom.

Upon second listen, their first demo was rather forgettable ... their 2 song, 2004 demo however still gets played pretty often around these parts. I won't mention which band the lead guitarist went on to join, but I WILL say that I recently made a post about them (the best band currently in hardcore).

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Overthrow said...

Ah, right on! I'm glad you posted this. I actually had a discussion a few days ago with some friends about this band. I was resigned to the fact that I would never be able to get my hands on anything they recorded.

I saw Anne Gohra play a few times in Meadville and always thought they were sort of cheesy and generic, but I can definitely enjoy it a bit more now (if just for sentimental value).

P.S. that photo totally ruins the anonymity. :P