Sunday, May 17, 2009

Earth Crisis & Unholy

No, their new records aren't available for download here. It's every bit as good as every other Earth Crisis release. Picture somewhere between Breed The Killers and Gomorrah's Season Ends. There are still some special order packages left through Century Media's distro. You get the CD, a 7" with two songs from their unreleased 1992 demo, and size small shirt (all the other sizes are sold out). Guess how much that will cost you? $18. Don't slack ... order this before its gone. Make sure you go out and support Earth Crisis on their current tour. The band has went through a lot to get this project up and going again and the support would be much appreciated I am sure.

Its easy to sit around and talk shit on an album when you downloaded shitty Mp3 rips of it for free. No sense of or pride in ownership through downloading Mp3s. I waited to listen to the album until my pre-order package arrived ... lyrics and all. It's been a while since I've cared enough about an album to buy it brand new, let alone to pre-order it and wait for the real deal to show up. A lot of people have forgotten the concept of taking more from an album other than the music itself. The lyrics and actual sound quality found on the CD (as opposed to shit quality Mp3s floating around the internet) give you an actual indication as to what the band has created.

And while you're at it ... pick up the new Unholy through Prosthetic Records' online store ... or pick it up at one of their shows on the Earth Crisis tour they're currently on. These are two of the most legit bands within hardcore and metal currently and they deserve your support. Bands of this nature are becoming few and far between. Instead of reminiscing about the "glory days" exclusively, make a point to show your appreciation to the bands who are currently going at it with their full dedication. Its harder now than ever for sincere bands to keep their heads above water.

Earth Crisis Package

Order Unholy's New Record
Listen To Unholy's New Record

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