Thursday, March 5, 2009


Someone told me I needed to "post some good shit". I informed this individual that I had been doing so quite regularly, but at the same time realized that a lot of the more recent posts have been rather similar (heavy as fuck hardcore). That being said I decided to mix it up a bit with this newest post. This probably won't be considered to be "good" either, but that's not my problem, haha.

While I don't want to attach the word "overhyped" to such legendary bands as pg99, Majority Rule, Saetia or the likes ... I will say that In Loving Memory was doing equally innovative things at the same time with a fraction of the recognition for doing so. Their location of Des Moines, IA was probably not helping their situation in this case. It probably did wonders for their "peculiarity", however. There are quite a few rather majestic acoustic riffs played amongst the chaotic spazz parts which gives the songs that little extra something that a lot of screamo bands lacked. I regretfully have no access to any lyrics, however, the lines that I CAN make out seem to be rather exemplary of the screamo genre.

These Mp3s were ripped by Joe of The Haunted Basement fame in Des Moines, IA. He went above and beyond his call of duty and provided Path To Misery with its best show on our entire 2008 summer tour. He also saved me from waiting potentially forever for the Init Records proposed In Loving Memory discography by ripping these tracks. The discography would supposedly include more tracks, but what is included here is their self-released CD-R featuring 10 tracks which were to be used for various splits. The only one which saw the light of day was a split 7" with Examination Of The... which is quite hard to come by. Also included within this upload are their 4 songs in which they contributed to a split cassette release with Black Market Fetus (who's tracks are being omitted on purpose). Some of the songs ended up being re-recorded for their 10 track CD-R.

If anyone has copies of any of this, I would obviously be more than excited to take them off of your hands. I could perhaps trade you more Junior High School Prom pictures of the members for these releases.



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post some good shit.

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that was the shit!! still remember it - it was awful, so lit

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