Monday, February 9, 2009

HIS HERO IS GONE: The Plot Sickens

There's a reason this band is jocked ten years after their break-up. Listen for yourself ... more than hype.

The Plot Sickens is their final album. The CD version (which is what I ripped) contains the 11 tracks from the LP, the 6 songs from their Fool's Gold 7", four compilation tracks, and a 15 minute live set which kind of gives me chills when I sit down and process the intensity that comes through on the recording.

Prior to this release and their eventual disbanding, they also released two LPs, a 7" (The Dead Of Night In Eight Movements), and a demo in 1994. Go find them.

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Anon. said...

I posted the HHIG demo and a live set on my blog a while back: