Monday, February 23, 2009


This is A Death For Every Sin's original demo and debut EP. I am only including the demo due to its rarity for the potential collectors out there. It is honestly not that good. The best thing I could possibly say about it is that it KIND OF reminds me of Hatebreed's Under The Knife EP due to every song sounding like its from a different session from the others. The EP, on the other hand, is pure perfection.

Somehow crafting the most evil sounding recording known to man (I think I also said this about killtheslavemaster) while barely being able to play their instruments, A Death For Every Sin reached their peak with this EP. The band appears to take influence simultaneously from All Out War and Integrity, all while sounding harsher than both bands combined. Evil-sounding vocals layed atop down-tuned chug sessions that sometimes last over a minute make for a good listen to my ears. Also, there is something about the drumming on this album that always kept my interest. Random bursts of double kick during the mid-paced, half-note punk beats somehow manage to be both in and out of time simultaneously. I've yet to hear the drumming on this album being replicated by anyone.

Everything about this band after this EP was a slight disappointment. They did a full length for Eulogy/Alveran Recordings which offered not much more than stolen Hatebreed and Merauder riffs. The band broke up soon after with all of the members going on to taking part in a gimmicky NYHC band called Final Word. This project also soon ended due to the departure of drummer, Ben, who joined Throwdown just in time to thrash the skins for the Venom & Tears album.

In closing, there's only 6 songs on the actual EP, but I added on an extra track from a rare Montreal Hardcore comp that was recorded during the same session entitled "Utopia's Demise". Hard.


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