Monday, February 9, 2009

DEVILINSIDE: Discography

Without knowing any details, I can at least say for sure through reading several interviews from both camps that the break-up of Disembodied was far from an amicable one. Former Disembodied guitarist Tony Byron, who formed Devilinside, had made it very clear in the several interviews I tracked down about his dissatisfaction with his role within Disembodied; once even going as far to say "Disembodied was always a sinking ship in my opinion, and I think the music we are doing in Devilinside is miles ahead of Disembodied’s". Often citing his minimalized role in the writing process of Disembodied, Byron accredited the formation of Devilinside to his urge to express his own creative endeavors; going so far to admitting to writing tracks for Devilinside with Disembodied drummer Joel even before his departure of the band.

While Disembodied is the easiest comparison to make in the case of Devilinside, there are also strong influences shining through from metal heavyweights such as Sepultura, Crowbar, Entombed, and Machine Head. Unbelievably heavy down-tuned riffs strung together with dissonance and depressing lyrics dealing with inner turmoil make up these two albums.

Included in the download is their original demo from 2002 which actually featured Aaron from Disembodied on vocals. I had been looking for this ever since the band took down the download links off of their Geocities site in 2002 (ha). Not sure what the circumstances leading up to his departure were, but thanks to Ivo at ... we now can all enjoy this rare demo session.

Also included is their Prelude EP which was put out as an almost demo/promotional release for the far-superior full length album, Volume One. Despite the large amount of promotion thrown behind this album, the band never managed to attain the recognition it seemingly was expected to get. The notoriously misguided, and now-defunct, Abacus Records was behind this project; and I think its safe to assume the "failure" of the band could also be attributed to this unfortunate excuse for a label.

Towards the end of their stint, the band was forced to change their name to Horror due to a pending lawsuit placed against them from Intel for the "obvious trademark infringement" of the ever-popular slogan, Intel Inside. The band also apparently struggled with member issues throughout its existence. Going through three vocalist within the final months of the project, as well as several drummers and second guitarists, the break-up should not have come as a surprise.

Somewhat disappointing is the fact that the band apparently had 10 tracks ready for their next full length which regretfully never saw the light of day. Devilinside would also make it quite clear towards the end of their career that they were NOT, in fact, a nu-metal band. While I might disagree personally, I urge you to be the judge yourself. Such a thin line between nu-metal and perfection ... perhaps its possible to attain both simultaneously.


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swallowing razorblades said...

i love this band. one of my favorites from the minneapolis metal scene. any chance of getting those demo tracks back up?