Monday, February 9, 2009


Antennacle is a noise collaboration project between Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard), Nathan Martin (Creation Is Crucifixion), and Rick Gribenas. While all three have had their fair share of solo noise projects in the past, something about this collaboration strikes me differently than any of their previous endeavors.

I know that a lot of people insist that noise is noise is noise, and while I would actually have to agree for the most part, I find this project to be slightly more fascinating than other noise projects I've tuned in to. Being lucky enough to witness this collaboration live this past summer, I found a new interest in the genre.

Admittedly, I can't seem to find the same pleasure in listening to noise projects as I would an aggressive hardcore album or poppy boy band number, but there is a sort of attraction that I don't receive from any other style of "music" amongst the noise genre. I think what draws my attention to this artform is the atmosphere in which one can create through the manipulation of noise; a sort of emotional roller coaster. The mood created at certain shows through certain artists are something I cherish as an emotion that would not otherwise be replicated in a normal day-to-day setting. Antennacle managed to do so to a higher degree than any other outfit that I have experienced to this point, and that is why I bring them to you.

This track is taken from the No Skull Left Unturned "box set" compilation that I picked up at that show. Featuring a rather intense packaging with 3 discs worth of recorded material amongst several mini-zines and extras, a solitary Mp3 can not do it any sort of justice. I highly recommend picking this up if this track sparks your interest, or head over to the Antennacle page at MySpace. I should also note that the following description was taken from their MySpace page as there's no chance in hell that I could begin to paraphrase the philosophy behind the band.

"Antennacle examines the concept of sound as a material with basic structural properties that can be manipulated in space and time. The members of Antennacle exist in distinct separate geographic locations and create sound both as a concise unit that inhabits the same ‘space.’ The ‘space’ is initiated and communicated through cables, airwaves, or a shared physical environment.

Antennacle engages with its audience by manipulating these structural properties to create a visceral environment, which is meant to bring awareness of each individual’s location within that space as well as the location of each member. Every object, wall, and human becomes a tentacle and an antenna capable or transmitting and receiving sound.

Antennacle is acutely aware of sound’s potential to behave in unique ways according to the demands, desires, and situations of each space. The aleatoric contributions of participants and observers, be they directly present or indirect tele-present actuators, augments each performance and recording with contextual richness."

DOWNLOAD - Antennacle


d.l. lobos said...

thanks for this post. i had been wanting to hear more from this project for some time. if its any interest to you, i also have a "noise" project, available at the link below. also, the warbound blog has an article i wrote about noise music as a critique of civilization which may be of interest to you and your readers...

all the best,
D.L. Lobos

darkmuse said...

A miracle! I like it even though I kettle until the train, but you have it easy!

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