Sunday, January 11, 2009

THE FUNERAL: Discography

In keeping with the spirit of my last post, I'm going to post albums from yet another band in which I missed the reunion show of; in turn making myself look like a shithead.

As you may have noticed, there haven't been many "standard" sounding hardcore bands on this blog. The genre had become stale to my ears many years ago. The lack of sincerity behind most of these newer bands playing the style is both laughable and disheartening. While admittedly, upon first listen, one could easily confuse this band as "typical", I assure you all that The Funeral, from Syracuse, NY, contains as much intensity and legitimacy as any band of any genre.

Completely annihilating any of these current bands who are playing the "angst-ridden" role, The Funeral created an album of pure adrenaline and apparent outrage. Where bands like The Hope Conspiracy and other "rock influenced hardcore" bands always struck me as being nothing more than a babe-impressing gimmick, The Funeral stands firm in their distress which is eloquently displayed through their music. Possessing equal influences of both driving rock riffs and intense hardcore persona, this band got things right.

While I also included their debut demo and their self-released final album, I primarily want to stress the relevance of the Ruled By None album which is included in the bundle. The album is what everyone within the genre is trying to attain. It doesn't hurt that the album is riddled with sound clips from The Big Lebowski. Vocalist Ryan Canavan (of Hex Records fame) later went on to form the short-lived No Idols, which was of a similar nature of The Funeral. He now partakes in an early 90s-inspired, Dischord-esque project entitled Mistletoe ... which you can check out at


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Pitboss68 said...

Wow...Thanks for this. These guys are really great. 'Ruled By None' is on repeat. Much appreciated!