Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CHAPTER: Discography

I'm putting this Chapter album up as an honored request for Yusuke over at the Broken Dust blog. I'm actually not very familiar with this project in which pre-dated Creation Is Crucifixion, but I'll throw out the information that I do know. Existing from 1995 until 1997, the line-up consisted of Nathan Martin on vocals, Scott Mellinger and Dan Deemer on guitar, Tim Krupar on bass, and Mike Laughlin on drums. The following upload is their complete discography which was the first release on xEyewitnessx Recordings out of France. Hard enough to find in itself, this discography contains the band's original 1995 demo, their hard-to-find "Sins Of Our Fathers" 7" and both of their nearly-as-rare split 7"s.

The progression is quite obvious throughout this release which is in reverse chronological order. Tracks 14-20 make up the original 1995 demo. Tracks 5-13 are some combination of a 1996 demo and the Sins Of Our Fathers 7" (which I do not own and would greatly appreciate a copy of). Tracks 3 and 4 are taken from their split 7" with Abnegation while tracks 1 and 2 were from their final release in 1997, which was a split 7" with Junta. One bit of information I can give is that the final two Chapter songs (from the Junta split) were taken and re-released as the first Creation Is Crucifixion release. Self-released in three different presses, the one-sided 7" served as a transition from Chapter into Creation Is Crucifixion alongside the addition of Paul Nowoczynski on second guitar and the departure of Tim Krupar on bass. Guitarist Scott Mellinger stuck around through the transition between bands but left the group soon after to join Zao.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for upload! i really appreciate it!

Conan Vice Grip said...

Thankyou greatly for this, an incredibly hard band to find.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting this out....really rare nowadays...